Gotham Hall
5- Hour Premium Open Bar
Saturday October 28, 2017
1356 Broadway New York, NY, Doors Open at 10pm

Mirror, mirror on the wall, what should I wear to Villain's Ball at Gotham Hall? Regardless of what costume you choose, being vile felt more en vogue than it does with the unveiling of Villain's Ball at Gotham Hall, New York City's most deviously divine Halloween party. 

While it may no longer be the Greenwich Savings Bank, Gotham preserves its former wealthy glory with richly embellished ambiance, making it the quintessential backdrop for not only Villain's Ball at Gotham Hall but moreover any affair in pursuit of pinnacle luxury. Beyond a set massive brass-embossed double doors lies a little known mecca of unparalleled opulence and legendary celebrations. From the Grand Ballroom which entices guests by way of soaring ceilings topped off by a uniquely breathtaking 3000 square foot stained glass skylight and Romantic motifs to the mezzanine which is, most simply, the pinnacle of timeless luxury. In essence, Gotham Hall is an architectural phenomenon even by contemporary standards.

As the sun sets over New York City on Saturday night, tear away your daytime alter-ego and sweet disposition as you transform yourself into something spooky yet seductive before making an authentic red-carpet entrance at Gotham Hall for thrills and chills, where the only thing sweet will be served at the venue's five-hour premium open bar starting at 10pm. Speaking of which, it seems as though villains too score a Happily Ever After from time to time as this diabolical celebration is one of NYC's lucky few to offer an open bar this Halloween. Therefore, once you pick your poison, taking advantage of the premium vodka and champagne selection, you'll be feeling ultra-villainous as you join the city's hexiest scoundrels on the sweeping dancefloor for high-voltage haunting while an in-house DJ spins spooktacular sets that will make you feel bad in the best way possible. The lines between tricks and treats blur as you gyrate beneath the neon glow of state-of-the-art laser light displays and bass-heavy tracks. Whether you're an evil king or queen or simply plan on partying as such, enjoy the VIP treatment with special ticket packages which offer exclusive access to the venue's exquisite lounge and mezzanine in addition to luxurious amenities such as private tables and bottle service among other perks that will make you feel like the baddest witch in town.

Event Highlights:

- 5-hour premium open bar

- Live DJ performance by DJ Mossel & DJ SCRVP

- Bottle/Table service to Ultra/Platinum VIP ticketholders

 Heroes may hold a special place in our hearts but let's face it, there is something undeniably seductive about the darker side of (night)life. Once a year, we are invited to bring our dark and twisted fantasies to reality so what better way to unleash your inner antagonist than with diabolical indulgence at the eerily exquisite Gotham Hall? Ultra-opulent, aptly named and offering exclusive amenities, it's little wonder as to why this high-end lair is home to this Halloween's hautest affair. 

Music & Crowd




Live DJ performance by DJ Mossel

Ever since he was a little boy Mossel had a love for music, as he started experimenting with performing and creating it from an early age. In fact, he started DJing semi-professionally,often for free, in Athens' local bars from the young age of 14.

Since then, much has changed as he quickly attracted the attention of dance crowds and dominated some of Greeces most prestigious clubs, by 2016 he has performed in almost every venue in Greece including Olympic Stadiums and sold out Arenas, and has started travelling the globe spreading his take on house music across the world.

  • Mossel was the first Greek DJ to appear at Ultra Music Festival 2014 in Croatia where he headlined the Radio Stage. 
  • Mossel was the first Greek DJ to ever do his own 7 city tour in India (Mumbai, New Delhi, Bangalore).
  • Mossel was the first Greek DJ to ever do his own 5 show tour in the U.S.

Back in 2013 Mossel co-founded and has been the host DJ of Massive Story one of the most popular EDM parties in Greece, having now organised more than 10 events selling out venues of 6000 people featuring world renowned DJs such as: Martin Garrix , Julian Jordan , Jay Hardway , Thomas Newson , Sick Individuals & Matisse & Sadko , ,

In 2014, he released his first track “In Your Heart” with Panik Records arguably the biggest record label in Greece, a track chosen as the official anthem for MADWALK 2014 a fashion and music show broadcasted on national tv where he also performed. Later that year he was also chosen to perform at the MAD Awards (organized by MAD, the largest TV music station in Greece) in front of more than 20.000 people.

He is now bringing quality dance music to many music shows and festivals around the world. 


Dress Code

Halloween Festive* - Costumes are encouraged! 

*Replica weapons will not be allowed into the venue

No clown costumes